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Railway Systems

Railway Cross Line Solutions
SCC Barrier  is a part of the level crossing system which indicates to road users that a railway vehicle is approaching by closing the road area with the barrier beam. Barrier mechanisms are used to visually and physically close off level crossings with a barrier. Smooth functioning under all circumstances is necessary in order to guarantee the safety of road users, passengers, personnel and materials...


Basic Technical Description
The barrier consists of the following parts:
*mast with barrier drive box
*wings with counterweight to balance the beam weight
*barrier beam with bracket.
In the basic state the barrier beam is held in the upper position by the self-sealing EMG. After the electromagnet excitation is disconnected tehe beam is going down by gravitation to the horizontal position and its movement is slacked up by a motor operating as a dynamo.
The barrier beam integrity is supervised by electric circuit. The barrier beam lenght is selected according to the lenght needed to block the road clearance area and the distance between the post and the road. The barrier beam bracket is equiped by break elements.


Aluminum Level crossing Barrier
SCC Barrier mechanism is equipped with and aluminum barrier with integrated led modules.
Level crossing barriers are available in various lengths. The level crossing barrier is mechanically constructed in a way that the barrier will always break off at a fixed point on any given moment. To maximize this visibility, the level crossing barrier is equipped with some LED- lighting modules and both sides have been fitted with retro reflecting foil in white and red. This gives the level crossing barrier a very high degree of visibility, both at night and during the day.


Passenger Information System
SCC  is a European leading company in the field of passenger information, security and display systems for public transportation and digital signage applications. Main applications for SCC displays are stations and stops in public transportation, public transport vehicles and digital signage. SCC mobile systems covering display, announcement, entertainment and security systems are provided for trains, trams and metros. SCC's offering is based on standard product solutions and open systems making flexible customization and integration with any existing systems easy. Fast and on time projects and deliveries are guaranteed by in house engineering and professional project management combined with SCC's own production.  


Displays, public announcements, train detection, video surveillance and services for visually impaired are offered as a complete system or a sub-system depending on customer requirements. The system is an excellent choice irrespective of whether

only one station or several stations need to be connected to the same station information management system.

Train and Railway Weighing Solutions
SCC  is a pioneer in dynamic weighing of rail vehicles and has the largest number of in-motion weighing systems in operation worldwide.
SCC’s specialist team develops weighing solutions for all rail users, from train manufacturers and raw material producers to end-users and infrastructure developers. The company's systems are in action in almost every industry connected to rail networks.


Custom in-motion weighing systems
As every weighing system is bespoke, you benefit from a package that is exactly right for your application. SCC’s innovative technology allows it to create in-motion weighing systems that take a different approach to traditional, more costly methods. The results show through clearly on your balance sheet in low lifecycle costs and a short payback time.


Train weighing systems commissioning, training, spares and calibration
SCC offers commissioning, training, spares and static and dynamic calibration for both new and existing in-motion weighing systems in accordance with international metrology directives.
As a SCC customer, you can benefit from its team of trained technicians anywhere in the world. SCC is truly your complete rail vehicle weighing solution provider and your partner, now and in the future.


Maintenance of rail weighing systems
The SCC team recognises that a customer's weighing needs go far beyond developing and installing the system.
It is dedicated to providing the proper maintenance and servicing of your rail equipment in order to keep your business running efficiently. It will design an individual service plan for you, based on your bespoke system and its particular usage.


Advantages of using in-motion weighing systems
Weighing is crucial to cost control and safety in virtually every aspect of rail operation, from monitoring product deliveries to avoiding overloading penalties. Some of the principle reasons for weighing rail cars include:

  • Transaction purposes to invoice clients for the amount of product shipped or, as a customer, to ensure your shipper isn't overcharging
  • To determine the mass of wagons in order to collect freight revenue from shippers
  • To avoid overloading which can damage wagons and infrastructure, and eccentric loading which can lead to derailments
  • For asset management to minimize high impact loads, especially at track discontinuities like track joints, turnouts or crossings
  • To ensure any leakage of hazardous cargo is detected immediately upon arrival at the distribution depot
  • For chemical applications, as SCC systems don’t have any foundations or cavities to trap heavier than air explosive gases
  • For load control to adjust the material flow parameters during automatic bulk loading to maximize the payload without overloading
  • For production control in batching applications such as charging the furnaces producing coke to make iron
  • For balancing purposes at locomotive manufacturer and repairer workshops, in order to achieve optimum traction through weight distribution