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Industrial Automation
In today's industrial automation market, new technology brings many opportunities for industrial system developers to successfully address ever-evolving challenges. With applications ranging from programmable logic controllers and industrial computers, to human machine interface, industrial peripherals and factory communication, automation systems require cutting-edge technologies to meet stringent customer requirements for high reliability and harsh environment in mission-critical environments.
Automation is the use of control systems and information technologies to reduce the need for human work in the production of goods and services. In the scope of industrialization, automation is a step beyond mechanization.
In this direction, SCC Industrial Automation delivers manufacturing solutions designed with leading edge technologies, including mechanical, electrical and ultrasonic, to give our customers the most advanced industrial automation possible together with solution partners.
SCC  is the engineering specialization focused on the principle and operation of measuring instruments that are used in design and configuration of automated systems in electrical, pneumatic domains etc. Our systems typically work for industries with automated processes, such as chemical or manufacturing plants, with the goal of improving system productivity, reliability, safety, optimization, and stability. To control the parameters in a process or in a particular system, devices such as
microprocessors, microcontrollers or PLCs are used, but their ultimate aim is to control the parameters of a system.
Instrumentation is the art of measuring the value of some system parameter, pressure, flow, level or temperature to name a few and supplying a signal that is proportional to the measured parameter. The output signals are standard signal and can then be processed by other equipment to provide indication, alarms or automatic control. Leveraging on our rich industry experience, we are able to flourish ourselves in the zenith of business. These products are highly being used in numerous industries to increase the productivity. Our entire product range is appreciated for its superior quality and optimum performance.

Display System and Automation
Over the past three decades Automation Displays, SCC, has developed a deep commitment to their customers and their needs.  SCC's mission is to design and build superior industrial, commercial & detention control panels and annunciators that meet the needs of the end user and interface seamlessly with the customer's automated systems and controllers.
We are also engaged in the sphere of offering a wide range of digital display systems that are remote controlled and available in more than 11 colors with different modes. Manufactured with latest technology, these digital display systems are used to show temperature, time, and humidity on four sides one by one in outdoor applications.
Join the ranks of companies such as SCC and RAYENNUR and discover the difference that LED productivity systems can make to your bottom line.
SCC 's LED displays provide high-quality visuals that vibrantly track and report real-time performance and productivity programs. Cost-effective in both energy efficiency and reliability, Adaptive’s industrial LED displays have been specially designed to meet the rigors of manufacturing environments.
In addition, our electronic display systems easily configure with your existing network software, allowing you to customize your message and even incorporate video into your on-floor communications. Our automation includes:


1. Production display system
2. LED/Seven Segment Displays with PC Interface
3. Computerised Token Display
4. Train Arrival Display System
5. Information Displays 6ft/8ft, as per customer’s requirement
6. Automatic Weather Station Display
7. Tunnel Monitoring Display Systems

8. STOCK EXCHANGE Display Systems

Parking Systems
An ideal solution for todays car parking and traffic problem in cities. Automated Car Parking System offers utmost efficiency, convenience, safety & reliability.
SCC Parking Systems has been a manufacturer and supplier of parking control, access control, and revenue control equipment since the early 2005's. We can assist you in solving your parking and access control issues regardless of the type of facility or method of control.
Many urban areas have experienced rapid growth in recent years, and more people means more cars. As a result, many areas are faced with the challenge of balancing the desire to maintain open space with the need to provide a parking facility that can accommodate the urban growth. An automated parking facility provides an environmentally friendly solution to this issue.

There are several advantages of employing a car park system for urban planners, business owners and vehicle drivers. They offer convenience for vehicle users and efficient usage of space for urban-based companies. Automated car park systems save time, money, space and simplify the often tedious task of parking. Auto car lifts move vehicles into safe and secure storage areas until they are needed. As urban centers’ population continues to grow, residential and business complex owners continue to look for new ways to handle large numbers of vehicles that need to be parked. It seems highly likely that automated and semi-automated car parking systems and parking garages will become an integral part of many existing and future business and residential buildings. The advantages offered by these advanced car parking systems will undoubtedly contribute to their growth in urban and suburban complexes in the coming decades.


Security Control Systems
Control system security is the prevention of intentional or unintentional interference with the proper operation of industrial automation and control systems. These control systems manage essential services including electricity, petroleum production, water, transportation, manufacturing, and communications. They rely on computers, networks, operating systems, applications, and programmable controllers, each of which could contain security vulnerabilities.
SCC specializes in complex electronic control systems which generally incorporate access control, parking and vehicular control, closed circuit television surveillance, audio intercommunication, and proprietary alarm monitoring systems. The Company's true specialty is the integration of two or more of these subsystems into one complete and easy to operate package with all subsystems being highly integrated and easy to manage.
SCC represents a variety of manufacturers, many of which are identified on the attached listing of manufacturers and outline of products and services. Generally speaking, SCC is not the exclusive representative of any single manufacturer, but rather we select the appropriate products for a client's needs from one of our trusted manufacturers. SCC selects the products which it offers to our customers on the basis of the manufacturer's reputation for reliability, suitability for a wide variety of applications, and reputation for customer service.
The nation's critical infrastructure sectors, including chemical plants, transportation systems and telecommunication networks rely on sophisticated computer control systems to monitor, control and perform daily tasks. These automated systems collect data from the field, process and display information for operators and send control commands to local and remote equipment such as pumps, valves and circuit breakers.

To overcome these challenges, our engineers are working closely with infrastructure owners, equipment manufacturers, government agencies and international partners to aggressively develop security enhancements, conduct vulnerability and risk assessments, and provide comprehensive awareness and mitigation training.

Quality Policy

  • To produce services and software which meet our customer requirements and expectations, and to comply with international and local quality standards, by employing a quality management system which aims at full customer satisfaction through continuous improvement and personnel-training.