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Highway Systems

Using its capabilities as a leading innovator in the design and implementation of  ITS and traffic signaling projects, SCC offers  complete turn-key solutions to its clintile. From  project management, site supervision, highway junction designs, to ANPR solutions, travel plans and pedestrian crossings SCC  is the contracting company  operating globally.
As an integrator and contractor,  SCC can offer the best advice on technology, equipment and design solutions available anywhere in Turkey and in the world. With its coverage in and around Turkey, especially in Balkan Countries, Caucaus, and Middle East, we are able to offer local and global knowledge and the best experts in any field of the traffic & highway projects.


Airport Systems

SCC has solutions to airport managements systems as providing security solutions, passenger information solutions, airport automotion systems with its Project development and implementation expertise.
Airports, transit systems, and seaports have all experienced terrorist attacks and natural disasters that endanger lives and disrupt operations. Our All-Hazards Security solutions integrate computer-aided dispatch, incident management, and third-party detection devices into a common operating picture for optimal situational awareness. We empower you to secure vulnerable areas, detect and assess threats, and respond quickly to incidents of any magnitude to protect people and infrastructure.

SCC also provides airport parking management systems, passanger and flight information systems. Our expertise on these areas are continiously developing due to our R&D activities and due to our collaborations we develop globally.

Railway Systems

SCC Railway Systems is currently involved in a number of aspects within the railway industry.

SCC is globally respected in the rail industry of Turkey for many years. You will find our products and services helping to ensure smooth transportation operations  for markets including freight, locomotive, passenger, tram and high-speed trains.
As a Railway Projects developer, Railway Project Servicing, Engineering Servicing and as a  Product Representative of many multinational companies in Turkey and around SCC Railway  Division has a wide  range of high-quality rails and switch products such as barriers and other crossing products, levelling products, signalization and electrification capabilities and it is highly competitive and innovative in the market with its finished or semi-finished products.   

The division also offers complete service packages for railway construction, including planning and engineering, transport, logistics and system installation. The Railway Systems Division of SCC also has access to its own high-innovative R&D capabilities.

Marine and Port Systems

SCC, combining the methodology refined through many years of experience and leading-edge technology with a qualified, innovative and experienced team provides solutions to marine and port management systems.
Container tracking systems, port signalization systems, marine information management systems, port weighing equipment products are among the SCC Marine Solutions.

SCC behaves in this field also as an integrator and developer of the mentioned systems using its R&D capability, its collaborations with leading companies in this field and its own human capital.

Quality Policy

  • To produce services and software which meet our customer requirements and expectations, and to comply with international and local quality standards, by employing a quality management system which aims at full customer satisfaction through continuous improvement and personnel-training.