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Marine and Port Systems

Port Equipment and Shipping Container Tracking
SCC offers  port management systems’s parameter, namely,  Position Determination System (PDS).
It tracks and reports the movement and position of the container handling equipment in real-time, reporting the exact location every time a container is picked up or set down. The system is a modular system with a range of optional functionality such as, security card log-on, automated move compliance module, Statistics reporting and many more features.
Port Equipment Maintenance and Equipment Availability Visualisation and Reporting
Another solution of SCC is a management tool providing instant visualisation of the plant and equipment operated in your business. It alerts you when the equipment has broken down, shows what the fault is, when it is being repaired, and when it is available for operation again. It also provides KPI data to allow reviews of performance and ensures that all departments have the same data. 

Port Equipment Automation and Guidance
The passive automated gantry steering system  is the cost-effective solution to automatically steer an RTG crane or Straddle Carrier along a container stack runway. This system automatically and accurately steers the container handling equipment along a virtual track as it travels along the runway. Preventing equipment and container collisions and subsequent damage the system improves terminal safety and driver productivity, reducing driver fatigue and equipment maintenance. 


Port Data Communication Systems
Most mobile systems utilise wireless data communication. OUR systems are developed to utilise most major common standards such as WIFI IEE 802.11 b/g. However this is not always available or practical in some port environments. For Ports and Terminal that require reliable wireless data communications SCC provide a Narrow Band (NB) Radio Data System. 

Port Security
Do you know who is on the terminal, who is operating equipment and moving containers? 
Do you know exactly where all the containers are and if they are moved? 
Not only can SCC provide this level of monitoring but can also ensure only planned moves are carried out by authorised personnel.

Chassis/Carrier Spreader Alignment Systems
Designed to ensure that Trailers and Straddle Carriers stop in exactly the right position under the quayside or gantry crane. 

Prime Mover Identification
Automatic identification systems based on RFID to identify and automatically hand-off between the internal truck (IMV) and the yard crane or the Straddle carrier and the quay crane (STS).

Port Safety
Providing invaluable safety for operators and equipment throughout the terminal.