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Border Security Systems

Vulnerable borders increase the risk of terrorism, drug trafficking, and other criminal acts that impact people and infrastructure.
Preventing unauthorized activity with many national borders stretching for hundreds of kilometers across dramatically variable terrain and climates is an on-going task. A solid border operation can be an effective deterrent to illegal activity, but successful border management requires a combination of efficient systems and effective manpower deployment, supported by strong communications.
Reducing this risk requires a holistic approach that targets multiple points of vulnerability and creates opportunities for prevention and interdiction to protect populations, critical infrastructure, and other vital interests. SCC International’s  Border Security solution offers complete situational awareness by pulling together data from physical security systems into a common operating picture. At its core is our proven and widely deployed public safety-based computer-aided dispatch system that supports interoperability among agencies and is used successfully throughout the public safety and security communities. We combine data from disparate sources into a single view so you can detect and track incidents, dispatch multi-agency resources, and support disposition of forces to respond to all hazards.
Our customized solutions focus on three key areas:

•Rapid dissemination of information to improve response times and decision making
•Secure and reliable communication
•Leading edge technology that meets today's and tomorrow's needs

Real-time for rapid response
Real-time situational awareness, and the ability to share this information across agencies, is vital to effective decision making, and appropriate and timely response.
We start with getting an accurate picture of the border by evaluating collated geographical and climatic data. Then we combine that information with incident and infrastructure data to develop a detailed risk profile.
Data- and information-fusion functionality manages and interprets the incoming data into a common operational picture. With an effective communications infrastructure in place, this information can be shared accurately between agencies so the best decisions can be made and executed quickly.
We offer expandable solutions based on open-standard technology and service-oriented architecture, which are secure, reliable, and scalable. The solution can be tailor-made to perfectly suit your specific mission needs and requirements.