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HES (Hydro Power Stations)

SCC is giving engineering and contracting Company for HES Project impimentations, fully active in three locations in the Middle East, in the Balkans  and in the Caucaus. 
SCC with its solution partners and suppliers  offers its expertise in the areas of Mechanical, Electrical and Hydro Cylinder Systems design, and automation services. Beside, SCC is also turbine providers to HES projects of river type with maximum 10 MW installation capacities.
SCC  undertakes contracts of different magnitude and executing same from start (conceptual/design stage) to finish (project completion and commissioning).
SCC for its turbine solutions Works with different sources. As the heart of a hydro system is the turbine, where power is extracted from your water, the efficiency is critical here, Therefore SCC studies ecah Project as unique because every small gain - or loss - directly affects your profit margin.

There are two primary types of hydroelectric turbines in use today. Both types offer renewable, efficient sources of power but differ slightly in their function and use.
The majority of hydroelectric turbines in use are reaction turbines. This type is most commonly used in situations where there is a large volume of water passing consistently through the area; this is known as high flow.

The reaction turbine does not require a high head of water. The water head simply refers to the height of the water level above the hydroelectric turbine. A low head means that the water has a small drop before entering the turbine. An excellent example of a high flow, low head area is a small dam on a fast moving river.