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Open Area Security Systems

Surveillance cameras are popping up everywhere - shopping malls, city streets, parking lots, and city parks just to name a few. In the interest of Homeland Security, there is a very large effort to place video surveillance and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems in remote locations such as water storage reservoirs, nuclear power plants, airport perimeters, and military bases.


Border Security Systems

SCC International’s Border Security solution offers complete situational awareness by pulling together data from physical security systems into a common operating picture.


Public Security Systems

The security is very much required for the public places like temple, church, mosque, market area etc. In country, when the terrorists attacked the public, the CCTV cameras helped the police to identify the people involved in the attack. We can monitor the suspicious movements of the people in public places.















Quality Policy

  • To produce services and software which meet our customer requirements and expectations, and to comply with international and local quality standards, by employing a quality management system which aims at full customer satisfaction through continuous improvement and personnel-training.